Fax Services

Fax Services

RingCentral fax services offer the most advanced fax services available anywhere at any price. With RingCentral fax services, you no longer need a fax machine to send and receive faxes. You’ll avoid the high cost, maintenance and security issues that are associated with traditional faxing. And RingCentral fax services come packed with electronic fax services management tools. Create and send professional fax services documents from Microsoft® Office®, email—even your phone. Give your employees the power of a RingCentral local or toll free number for all their fax services and start accessing faxes and your fax services from anywhere.

When you sign up for RingCentral fax services, you'll choose a local or toll free fax number. When someone faxes you, RingCentral fax services sends the fax to you as an email file attachment. RingCentral fax services makes faxing easier, more secure and reliable than ever before. Instead of standing around, waiting...waiting...waiting for your old fax machine to slowly chew its way through another document, RingCentral fax services keeps faxing simple and effective. Simply put, with RingCentral fax services you get the most advanced electronic fax services available anywhere at any price.

Has this ever happened to you: you've got a deadline and you need to send out an important fax, but couldn't do so because your fax machine is ‘acting funny' (which really isn't very funny). RingCentral fax services solve this by letting you send, receive and manage your fax communications through the Internet. You get robust fax services software and best-in-class fax services management tools. You even get a toll free or local number with RingCentral fax services.

RingCentral fax services are available as a part of RingCentral hosted phone service or as a stand-alone service designed to give your business the advantage of full-featured fax services. Design and compose cover pages and documents with the included fax services software. Then send your electronic fax from the convenience of your desk; when it's received, you automatically get an email or text message confirming its receipt. With RingCentral fax services, your fax is sent over the Web. There's no noise-those loud screeching sounds are a thing of the past-and all fax services documents are sent at least ten times the speed of your old fax machine. When you receive a fax services document, it arrives as email. By choosing RingCentral fax services as your fax partner, you save space, time, money and paper.

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